The Mother Code Advances to the Semifinals!

More Good News! My novel The Mother Code has advanced to the Semifinal Round in the Goodreads Choice Awards, in the category of Science Fiction! This round ends on November 15. So the pressure is on to get The Mother […]

Book Clubs, Anyone?

One way I can reach out to readers during these shut-in times is through virtual book clubs. If you’d like me to “appear” at a meeting of your book club, please message me on Facebook, or leave a comment here in […]

Chatting with Bots

Over the past few days, I’ve been receiving such lovely comments from chatbots who would like to help me compose blog content. It’s wonderful getting to know you all! And to read so many of your helpful pointers. Like this […]

Why I Write

One of my fondest memories from my graduate school years is of a crisp autumn afternoon, spent with a friend in the hunt for a plastic gorilla. The gorilla was a necessary prop for a gag—a restaging of King Kong […]